在進入異次元國度後,我們總是開始沈浸於歧義之美,思索其中的多層次或然。此般模式,形成了一種體現事物本質細節的認知途徑,計算週遭看似熟悉卻又陌生的景緻所佔的篇幅規模,品味這一點點靈光。猶若Claude Levi-Strauss所說的:「而我們的眼睛卻喪失了辨別能力,我們不再知道怎麼去看待事物。」主觀的規律性,使我們洞見了流光凍結,如此慧黠。我們的創作不再臣屬於理論,於是腳步可以無限輕盈。

Concept of Work

This exhibition attempts to declare the background of personal contemporary state through an immersion of “digital vacancy,” the work is stacked on the identical digital space with concurrent portrait and enjoyment. The author allows the audience to generate engagement of ideas from past created videos and poetry using interactive media, which further pushes the audience to wonder what they are expecting and the kind of attention they involve in while waiting. Such as life, the crowd passes each other in the city, alternating and switching consciousness and predicament. Perhaps the image of dust generally contains an ingenious meaning due to naturally-born vision and wisdom; while the condensation of air, image and signs symbolize the endless vacancy. Perhaps the audience has fallen into a conventional mindset. Often times, the audience needs to think again before understanding the definition to his or herself.

Our thinking can be both naive and profound. Therefore, this work attempts to expand fragments of a series of identify from the phenomenology of inconspicuous things. The work describes the doubt and depression in life, combining with humor of predicament and absurdities of senses. We are the city wanderers who observe various surrounding symbols through constantly muttering without probing into its significance.

After we enter the kingdom of other dimension, we often start immersing in the beauty of ambiguity while thinking about the multilevel of possibility. Such pattern forms cognitive approach to reflect the nature and details of things, while estimating the length and scale of seemingly familiar yet strange surrounding sceneries, giving a little taste of such inspiration. As Claude Levi-Strauss said, “Our eyes have lost the ability to distinguish and we no longer know how to treat things.” Subjective regularity helps us gain insight to streamer and freeze in true cleverness. Our creation no longer belongs to part of theories and we can unlimitedly slow down our pace.
主辦單位:臺北市政府文化局 協辦單位:台北數位藝術中心 每週二至週日(週一休館)10:00~18:00 免費入場 地址:台北市111士林區福華路180號 電話:(02)7736-0708